Florida Satsunankai is a branch of Tenshinsho Jigen-ryu Hyouhou Sougou Budo Genshinkai (天眞正自源流兵法総合武道源心会).The sole legitimate organization for this art in Japan.

The mission of the Florida Satsunankai is to pass on the ancient cultural heritage of the Tenshinsho Jigen-ryu to maintain alive the traditions of the Japanese culture and the Satsuma warriors. At the same time through training of the sword we hope to attain the discipline and develop the character to become better human beings and contribute to the harmony and peace of the world.

Florida Satsunankai is the only authorized school in Florida to teach Teshinsho Jigen-ryu, and is under the direct supervision and guidance of the 14th generation headmaster of the school Ueno Kagenori and the 15th inheritor Ueno Doushin Soke.

Kaichou (会長) Branch Chairman

Charles Porcel


Shihankai Board Member

Osvaldo Lam


Shihankai Board Member

Rene Diaz