Procedure to enter Tenshinsho Jigen-ryu Florida Satsunankai:

The first class is free of charge.

The applicant must fill out a registration form to enter the school and after a period of 3 months, by consideration of the branch chief and the Satsunankai board, he may be accepted into the school and asked to sign an oath to the school (Keppan) in the old traditional way.

The new applicant will be required to pay the admission fee of $100.00 and the first month  at the time of signing.

Satsunankai Fees:

Admission fee $100.00

Regular Monthly fee $80.00

Elementary School Student Monthly fee $20.00

Middle and High School Student Monthly fee $30.00

University Student  Monthly fee $50.00

Annual membership fee $120.00

Annual Insurance fee $18.00

  • Monthly fee payments are due with or without the member's attendance. If a member misses 3 consecutive monthly fee payments, he will lose the membership. If he wants to be a school member again, he will have to pay the current admission fee and the current monthly fee.  

  • Because Satsunankai is not a commercial business, those who by any reason can not afford the registration, monthly tuition or membership fee for a certain period of time please approach the branch chief for exception.

Satsunankai Requirements:

  • Uniform (hakama, obi, and gi) are mandatory. Not all colors will be approved.

  • The Satsunankai dojo logo on the uniform is mandatory.

  • The Satsunankai discipline code must be followed at all times by every member.

  • Training swords (iaito) and wooden swords (bokken) are available to rent at $5 x day or $15 x month.